Join the team that rides with a Kingdom purpose!

Joining 1000’s of others, the Wycliffe Cycle Team will once again be taking on the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg cycle challenge, Joburg's biggest cycle challenge, to further God’s Kingdom and the work of Bible Translation. 

To join, first register for the race, then register with our team:

By cycling in the challenge, you both raise awareness for Bible Translation and help to support the work through raising sponsorship money.

This year we are cycling for the Makhuwa Translation.

Deep in the heart of Mozambique is where the Makhuwa people live. This language family consists of 11 language variations, making up about 1/3 of the Mozambique population.

In March and April, cyclones Idai and Kenneth devastated parts of northern Mozambique. The eMakhuwa language communities were among those affected.

With your help, we aim to start the eMakhuwa cluster project with four of the languages: eMakhuwani, eSaka, eMarrevoni and eXirima. Yes, that's right! This year we can have FOUR times the impact that we normally do, by riding for FOUR languages in one cluster approach to Bible translation.

How to Take Part


Go to the Discovery 947 website to sign up for your chosen race - Click Here to see race details. Then please Click Here to register with our Wycliffe Cycle Team.


If you don’t already have one, a high-quality team cycle shirt is available through us for a price of R 350. 

Click Here to request one.

Training:   It takes preparation to complete this challenge. We recommend training for at least 2 months before the race to build up your ability.
Support:   We have support tents along the route and at the end of the road races, and a support tent at the end of the Mountain Bike races. To join the support team, contact

We ask each cyclist to raise a minimum of R 1,000 in sponsorship, but don’t let this limit you. In the past, we’ve had cyclists raising up to R 30,000. God could really use you to further His Kingdom. Click Here to send in sponsorship.


Go to to find out more about the challenge

For other information, contact

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

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Send in your sponsorship money

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