Foundation 5000

Your Contribution Matters

Wycliffe South Africa has been involved in Bible Translation for nearly 50 years. Members have given their lives to witness the transforming power of the Gospel touching countless lives all over the world.

But the task isn’t over…

In the world, 1628 languages are wanting and waiting for Scripture

There are 382 languages without Scripture in Africa

This is our calling and our passion - to see the Bible translated into each and every one of these languages.

You’re invited…


Become part of Foundation 5000 by contributing R100 or more every month and praying for the work.  You will receive regular updates from us so you can hear how your contribution is transforming lives.


Help us by inviting others and opening doors for us to share with people you know. We would love to share impact stories about the knowledge of the glory of the Lord spreading with groups, in classes and at churches.


Set up regular giving via EFT:

Step 1  
Download and complete this form.
Step 2 
Send the form back to or whoever referred you.
Step 3 
Set up the payment to:
Wycliffe South Africa
Standard Bank
Account number: 020263309
Branch number: 051001
Reference: F 5 k W S - surname and name
(abbreviate as necessary, e.g. F5kWS-VdMerweJo).

Aims and Goals

    • A broad base of 5000 faithful contributors.
    • Increased organisational capacity.
    • Additional language groups engaged.
    • Strengthened community development.

"It takes a village..."


Qualified language consultants assist local teams to translate the Bible into their heart language. In many cases, this is not in written form, because they are an oral community. There are many others who help in support, including:

  • A team of local partners
  • Prayer support team
  • Financial supporters and donors
  • Communications
  • Administrators and project managers
  • Financial services team
  • Researchers
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • IT support
  • Human resources

 Foundation 5000 will help in building organizational capacity for an efficient network of people, each contributing according to their ability, to make Bible translation possible.


A Strong Foundation

Usually, the translation projects are well-funded. However, this work itself can only grow as much as there is organisational capacity to support it. It is this wider foundation that supports the field work which we are seeking to build up with Foundation 5000.

The stronger and wider our foundation of people supporting us, the more we can grow in our capacity to expand and accelerate the spread of God’s Word into every language, the more lives will be transformed.

Have Questions? 

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to email

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