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Preparing God's Word for the Press

Steve Pillinger coordinates scripture typesetting for SIL’s Africa Area. In 1985 he and his wife were assigned to the Rendille Bible translation project in the East African country of Kenya. He became involved in producing print materials for the team. This sparked his interest in typesetting scriptures. In 2000 he completed a training course in typesetting. He has been involved in typesetting since then – first in the UK and now in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Entry Fee:

Discovery Ride Joburg 94.7km - R 540.00

Discovery Ride Joburg 40km - R 440.00

Mountain Bike Ride 8km - R 180.00

Mountain Bike Ride 25km - R 285.00

Mountain Bike Ride 55km - R 385.00

Discovery 947 Kiddies Ride (1 - 5.5km) - R 180.00

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