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Sena New Testament dedication - Beira Mozambique



The governor of the the province sent an official to deliver her speech to the people. In her speech, she gave her full support to the distribution of the New Testament in Sena and remarked that they (government) noticed the type of people that "the book" produced and wanted more people to be transformed like that. Afterward all who gathered rushed outside to purchase their own copy of the Sena New Testament.


It was a joyous and wonderful occasion as we again witnessed the value of access to God's Word in your own language.

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Entry Fee:

Discovery Ride Joburg 94.7km - R 540.00

Discovery Ride Joburg 40km - R 440.00

Mountain Bike Ride 8km - R 180.00

Mountain Bike Ride 25km - R 285.00

Mountain Bike Ride 55km - R 385.00

Discovery 947 Kiddies Ride (1 - 5.5km) - R 180.00

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