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The work of Bible Translation requires concerted and fervent prayer.

Prayer plays a major role in preparing the ground for translation work to begin. It is also vital in bringing a translation to completion, the final and essential step before God’s Word can be launched into a community.

We invite you to become a prayer partner today and to pray with a growing number of believers passionate about seeing God’s Word come alive in each and every language!


For opportunities to become a financial partner, please visit the GIVE page or the CONTACT page for more information.


  • The 300 million Bibleless people in almost 2,000 language communities around the globe
  • Our continent of Africa which has the greatest number of Bible translation needs – 700 languages still without any form or part of the Bible
  • Our region of southern Africa, where there are at least 60 languages still needing Bible translations
  • Local leadership - without them, translations may not receive the endorsement needed for people to freely feed on the Word
  • Translators and their families - facing many challenges, leaving their regular source of income to devote themselves to the long-term work
  • Unity between translation partners – partnerships are complex, but vital to God’s blessing on the sensitive work of Bible translation
  • Those who serve translation teams in a wide range of technical and administrative support roles
  • The Lord of the Harvest to release the resources needed to start and complete the highly specialised work of Bible translation

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