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What is Bible Translation?

Did you know that the Bible was only first fully translated into English in the year 1526? This early version of English was very different from the English we speak today!

Bible translation takes the original words of the Bible, and other languages, to translate God’s Word into a language that people can truly understand and engage with at both head and heart level.

Can you imagine not being able to read and engage with God’s Word in a language that speaks to your heart? This is the reality for at least 1.5 billion people – that’s more than the population of our entire continent of Africa! About 2,000 language groups are still waiting for a Bible translation to begin.

How WSA do Bible Translation

As one of many Bible translation agencies committed to addressing the huge task of Bible translation, Wycliffe South Africa plays a complementary role in the overall vision of Bible access for people of all languages.

Not all of us specialise in ‘full Bible’ translations. Wycliffe South Africa’s strength is as an initiator and catalyst. We specialise in preparing the ground for community-engaged Scripture translation - whether oral or literary - depending on the need.

Community preparation takes 2 to 4 years before a translation begins. We lay the foundations for training and processes to ensure sound Scripture translation. 

Our commitment is to serving the community’s vision, in collaboration with other partners, whose specialisation and resources match the long-term need for a particular form of Scripture access. We are privileged to be able to serve and participate in Bible Translation in this way.

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