Who We Are

"A diverse group of people are needed to get a diverse job done in a diverse world…"

Wycliffe South Africa is privileged to partner with local churches and Bible Translation organisations across southern Africa to bring God's Word to language groups as soon as possible.

We also have a diverse team in South Africa providing the much-needed background support (such as accounting for translation projects, training, IT and logistical support).

In other areas of the world, we have staff doing similar things to translate and support Bible translation work (such as teaching the children of ministry workers or Scripture Use and Literacy).

Team in South Africa

The team in the South Africa office work in the following domains:

Translation Services Team

Translation Services looks after relationships in the field and provides critical links between the support services offered by Wycliffe South Africa and the needs of Bible translations in the region.


Left to right: Marcelina Neto, Carol van Heerden, Sizukiwe Vimbani, Jadreque Buanaite, Bonifacio Paulo

business services

The Finance Services team provide support to workers in the office and accounting services to 43 language groups for Bible Translation projects.


Left to right: Hennie Blomerus, Tshegofalo Siele, Sharon Kemp

Partner Communication

The Partner Communications team is committed to building relationships, developing funding and prayer support networks, and providing communications and marketing services.


Left to right: Jennifer Pillinger, Hellen Mathudi de Bruijn, Ansie van der Merwe

personnel services

Personnel Services look after the needs of all staff members, in the office and in the field.


Sarah Madyibi

personnel services

The Operations team oversee the day-to-day functioning of Wycliffe SA, including IT, admin and organizational development.


Left to right: Alan Webster, Bealla Mpinyuri, Sarel van der Merwe




We have various staff members working in other parts of the world, all contributing to Bible translation. These include teaching children of international workers, Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement.


Financial Partnership with our Staff

Our partners share a similar vision of God’s Word alive in every language. By combining energy, talents, knowledge and financial resources we can achieve what was impossible for any one to do separately. We become a formidable team, capable of doing extraordinary things.

You can be involved in the work of Bible translation by contributing to our staff’s monthly income. Find out about our team and send a message if you would like to support anyone:


In the spirit of collaboration, governed by a common vision to see the Scriptures made accessible to all people in their preferred language, medium and format, several Bible translation agencies in South Africa, and local resource partners, share a commitment to work together to provide accurate Scripture translation into Written, Oral and Sign Languages.

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