This space is for you to link with the work of Bible Translation!

So often, there is a disconnect between "us" and "them", which God didn't intend; we want to see unity.

We long for the South African Church to be mobilised for mission. We hope to do this through sharing stories of God's transformation through Bible translation, working on engaging with the Bibles we already have in our churches and daily lives, and by linking churches to Wycliffe and to language groups working on translating God's Word for the first time.

If there is anything you would like that you can't find here, please contact us.

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Church Resources


Wycliffe Ambassador

Will you consider becoming an ambassador of Bible Translation for your church?

Advocate on behalf of the Bibleless and mobilise your church to pray, support, and go!


Scripture Engagement Workshops


Adopt a Language

As a church, partner with a language group to practically love and serve the church and community as God leads you: interceed on their behalf, get in touch, encourage the team, send gifts, host, visit, and much more. 

You will receive regular updates, stories and prayer needs.


Foundation 5000

Become a regular supporter by contributing R100 or more every month and pray for the work, helping us to build capacity for Bible Translation work on a long-term basis.

You will receive regular updates to hear how your contribution is transforming lives.


Impact Stories

Read about the impact that Bible Translation is having on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

We don't just translate God's Word to tick a box; we translate to see God's transforming power in the lives of His people.


Join or Host An Event

Join us as we get active: running, cycling, hiking, and more in the name of Bible Translation and the transformation it brings.

Every year thousands of people host or enter races and events for a cause; will you enter for God's Word?


Kairos Course

Join or host the full course to dig deeper into God's Mission - Missio Dei - or choose one of the other adapted courses. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a course at your church.

"The world is changing, but God’s purpose and plan for His people remain the same."



See where Bible Translation is taking place in southern Africa and keep up to date with what's happening.

Meet the language groups through images, videos and statistics, read about their translation journey, hear their translations and songs, and join us in prayer.


Trauma Healing (TH)

Engage with the Bible through trauma; a complex topic that can be difficult to wrap your head around, but is something that all of us will go through at some point in our lives.

Host a trauma healing retreat at your church or life group through the Trauma Healing Network, or access resources and information at Trauma Healing Basics.


Visit A Language Group

Build relationships and connections with Bible Tanslation communities; support translation teams; experience the work of oral translation first-hand.

If you are interested in sending a team from your church, or in joining a team, fill out a form and we will be in touch. 

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